Guitar Repairs

We fix guitars and basses 7 days a week

The Guitar Nook offers expert guitar repairs.  Our services range from string changes and setups to pickup installations and guitar customization.  We will even build a guitar or bass from scratch according to your specifications.

With two guitar techs on staff, our turn-around time is really fast, with most repairs done the same day and some, as you wait.

We provide thorough and free evaluations and upfront estimates, so that there are no surprises.

Guitar repairs trusted by Grammy winners and members of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

We recently had the incredible honor of working for Iggy Pop on one of his guitars.

when bassist pJ was in Miami and needed new pickups installed in his bass, he came to the guitar nook

Banda Jota Quest's PJ at The Guitar Nook. One of Brazil's most popular group, Banda Jota Quest recieved a Grammy in 2012.

PJ demonstrating the new pickups