Guitar Lessons

Dream no more - start playing guitar today

The Guitar Nook offers guitar lessons for all ages, levels and styles. Whatever you want to learn, we can teach you. Blues? Jazz? Rock? Heavy metal? The Beatles? We’ve got an instructor for you.  Need extra help learning a piece for school? We will help you.  Our guitar lessons are fun and informative and guaranteed to start you playing guitar today.

Guitar lessons are for adults too

Many of our students are adults, who after years of wanting to learn to play guitar are finally doing it.  It really never is too late to start learning to play. 

Our Teachers

We take extra care in making sure that students are assigned to the appropriate teacher.  Assignments depend on level, interest and schedule. 

Teddy McDermott

Teddy is our lead instructor.  Teddy is a master of many styles, with an emphasis in jazz.  Teddy has been playing professionally for many years and has been teaching for just as long.

Jonny Stein

An avid Beatles fan, Jonny teaches both guitar and bass. 


Josh is member of the highly-popular band, Stoned White Elephant.  Josh teaches both guitar and bass.

Rates for our guitar lessons

Our goal is to keep the rates for our guitar lessons reasonable.  All lessons must be payed for in advance of scheduling.

  If you’re buying online, we will contact you upon being notified of your order to schedule your lesson.  Feel free to provide us information in when checking out, such as your level, what you want to learn, and your schedule.

Block of Four 1-hour Lessons

We charge $140 for a block of four hours which comes out to $35/hour.

Block of Four 1/2-hour Lessons

 For children under the age of 11, we offer a block of 4 1/2 hour lessons for $80 or $20/hour.