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Your First Guitar – It’s All About Quality

How to Pick Your First Guitar

Many of our customers are just starting to play guitar and they ask what guitar should I get. Whether you’re an adult or a parent who wants your child to learn to play guitar, this is the most important question you can ask.  Selecting the right instrument may be the most important decision you make, besides picking the right instructor.

The answer depends on a number of obvious factors, including price, quality, and the style of music that they are interested in learning.  However, what is often overlooked is the importance of the guitar you select to your ultimate success in learning to play.

Playing guitar is a life-long pursuit.  The guitar is an instrument that accommodates every musical genre: classical, blues, soul, jazz, and funk, just to name a few. As you grow musically, you will want to try out different styles.  By experimenting with different styles, you will be able to gain a better understanding and appreciation of the guitar and incorporate different styles in your play, which will help you develop your own sound and style.

For the beginning guitarist, the main challenge is maintaining motivation.  The more you practice and play the better you get.  But that requires motivation.

The best motivator is sounding good.  Sounding good gives you a sense of accomplishment and that you are making progress and like nothing else, will motivate you to keep practicing, playing, and learning. 

That’s why we recommend that you begin with a quality guitar.  You want a guitar that is comfortable to play, that keeps its tuning, and that responds to you.  Learning to play guitar is a commitment, in terms of time, effort, and money.  You want an instrument that will make that commitment worthwhile.

Some beginners are not sure if the effort to learn guitar will work out.  For example, a parent might say that they are not sure if their child will like taking guitar lessons, and so they think it might be better to get an inexpensive (yet low quality) guitar. That’s a natural thought.  However, it can be a recipe for failure.  And if your child takes to the guitar you will be soon looking for a more expensive guitar, which means you’ve spent money on a guitar that wasn’t suitable for your child.  The price difference between a quality beginning guitar and a low quality one might be only $50, hardly a cost that would justify getting the lower quality guitar. 

Luckily, a quality guitar doesn’t have to cost a fortune.  We carry a wide selection of affordable, quality guitars that will not only keep you motivated but that will last you for years to come.